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I Hate Google
And I bet you do, too!
Google charged over 'abuse of dominance' 
20th-Apr-2016 03:55 pm
Don't be evil
Google has been issued formal antitrust charges over claims that it abuses the dominant position of its Android operating system.

The European Commission sent a statement of objections to the tech firm, alleging that it has breached EU competition law.

Google is accused of placing onerous requirements on firms using Android and stifling competition.


[European competition commissioner] Ms Vestager said Google had harmed both competitors and consumers by placing requirements on mobile manufacturers and operators to preinstall some of its own products and, in some cases, set them as default or exclusive options on handsets.

In some cases, she said, this had been as a condition of Google's agreement to grant a licence for the use of some of its apps.
Android is open-source software, meaning competing operating systems can be built using its source code.

The commissioner alleged Google had barred manufacturers from selling devices using these operating systems.

She also said Google had given financial incentives to manufacturers and mobile network operators on condition they exclusively preinstalled Google Search on their devices.

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18th-Nov-2016 02:34 am (UTC) - I hate google, by google user. ... google sucks ...
Google sucks
1st-May-2017 11:02 pm (UTC) - I really, really, hate GMAIL...
This "new" "faster" interface is even more BS than the last and made it even harder.

1. The added another thing you have to do.
2. Why they can't drop the follow me after a user has "KILLED IT" a THOUSAND times is beyond me and if I didn't have to use GMAIL I would ditch it in a second.
3. Why after killing the NO THANKS to the stupid chrome offer a million times, so the user can get more screen time really chaps my lips.
4. Any company that doesn't have an email address and a complaint line is worthless.

Maybe I can find another less obnoxious email service and get it accepted so I can drop this boat anchor.
21st-Jul-2017 03:10 pm (UTC) - I hate Google
Not only is Google 'macro' abusive on a corporate scale, but their customer service totally sucks. For five years they have had the wrong email address for me, and this most pivotal, cutting edge, technoperfect, silicon-rich, mega-chip organization is apparently unable to change it. So now....
Ask me if I can get verification codes, account changes, new people on my email list,… Yada yada yada. Their communications go to a dead mailbox.
Google? - Gag me!
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