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I Hate Google
And I bet you do, too!
Google Watchdog: Inside Google 
28th-May-2013 05:07 am
Don't be evil
Here's a site with additional articles and information about Google's illegal and unethical activities:


About Inside Google

Consumer Watchdog, a nonpartisan nonprofit public interest group, launched Inside Google to educate the public and opinion leaders about Google’s dangerous dominance over the Internet, computing and our online lives. Inside Google’s blog is authored by experienced consumer advocates and journalists working to expose the “black box” at Google with an eye towards holding Google engineers accountable to social mores, ethical customs and the rule of law.

In the fall of 2008, with the support of the Rose Foundation, Consumer Watchdog embarked upon a privacy project to educate the public and opinion leaders about the need for greater online privacy, and to hold Google accountable for tracking consumers online without explicit permission and for exhibiting its monopolistic power in dangerous ways. The goal was to convince Google of the social and economic importance of giving consumers control over their on-line lives. By persuading Google, the Internet’s leading company, to adopt adequate guarantees, its policies could become the gold standard for privacy for the industry, potentially improving the performance of the entire online sector. As Google grew increasingly recalcitrant, and the company’s growth continued unchecked into an array of sectors, Consumer Watchdog expanded its investigation and advocacy, leading to the launch “Inside Google.”
16th-Apr-2016 01:23 am (UTC) - RE: Have You Stopped Hating Google?
Hey there, I am still hatin' on Google, but I have a lot of other obligations that have taken my attention away from this group. Anyone who wants to contribute articles/tips/info is more than welcome to do so!
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