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I Hate Google
And I bet you do, too!
Google Opposed to Copyright Law 
10th-Apr-2013 12:38 pm
Don't be evil
As I just discovered today, Google goes out of its way to prevent copyright holders from removing their illegally-reproduced content from Google's search listings.

Take a look at how they try multiple times to intimidate copyright holders by telling them that their information will be made available on a third party website, that they may be subject to legal action if they make a "false claim", and by forcing them to create a Google account before they are allowed to report the infringing content.


After clicking a series of buttons to answer their questions, you receive this "warning" (read "threat"):

After several more clicks you get another, more intimidating threat:

And finally, instead of allowing copyright holders to file their DMCA notice, they require the creation of a Google account. Presumably so they can keep track of who causes problems (and gather the name, phone number, home address, and other personal info of the copyright holder for their database, as they like to do):

I clicked onward, and was indeed taken to the "create a Google account" page, instead of to the form to file an infringement notice.

I find it amusing that they use a website called "Chilling Effect" to keep track of copyright holder's rightfully-used DMCA notices, when they are trying very hard to put a 'chilling effect' on those very copyright holders, and prevent them from protecting their intellectual property.

Feel free to copy-paste this post to any other website (upload images to your own host, please)! Let's make sure people know what Google is up to.
7th-Sep-2015 01:32 am (UTC)
Google is infringing on our rights. All the info gathering will come back and bite us on the back side.
I wonder how much of this info goes to the gov. Use your credit card once and the next time you get ready to use it, it will auto fill the next purchase. Changing cc dont help they already have your back acct number. Im thinking of trasing all my phones. I lived without thembfor years,ni beleive i can do it again. Im also taking dowm
n wi fi.
Yes im sure you will screen this and rewrite it to say what you want it to.
7th-Sep-2015 08:46 pm (UTC)
I agree, they are indeed infringing on our rights.

So you're aware, LJ does not allow community owners to "rewrite" anyone's comments. We have the option to either publish or delete, but we cannot edit other users' comments, including anonymous comments. There has been a massive amount of spam on this comm, which is why comments are screened.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts!
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