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I Hate Google
And I bet you do, too!
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Don't be evil
Summary: Microsoft alleges Google is preventing Microsoft's search engine, Bing, from collecting appropriate data about YouTube to provide accurate searches.

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Don't be evil
Summary: The Federal Trade Commission is ordering Google to submit to regular privacy audits for the next 20 years. This is in response to Google's use of deceptive tactics and violation of its own privacy promises to consumers.

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18th-Mar-2011 01:04 am - Questions and Answers
Don't be evil
Here are some pertinent questions from another LJ user I thought I should post. Answers are mine.

well I wanted to add yet, that the community you ve created - i hate google is a very good idea. I think the only misleading thing can be the title, because it is not about actual hating google as i understand, but hating it s recent actions? google itself is a good thing imo, but what they are doing not.
Perhaps something like "anti google monopoly" or "google violence" would characterize the group better? Sorry if i misunderstood it somehow.

Yes, you make a good point, and I was considering a more specific title, like "Anti Google Monopoly", but I wanted the title to be a simple, easy-to-understand statement that would attract just about anyone who is disgruntled with the company. Besides, as I see it, a corporation IS its actions, and Google having a superior search engine doesn't excuse it from behaving reprehensibly. So, until Google cleans up its actions, I am forced to be against it as a whole, because with a company like this one, supporting even part of it implies complicity.

The other thing which came to my mind was the question; Is it really Google's fault? Isnt it Youtube who is responsible for it? Responsible in a way, that it allowed google to get over them and make these changes? Or were they forced? If you are not with us you are against us? Do you know anything about this, how that happened? Or was it simply question of money?

Google bought YouTube several years ago, and that's when all the changes started happening. I wish the original owners hadn't sold it, or at least hadn't sold it to Google.
11th-Mar-2011 04:23 am - Inaugural Post
The last straw for me was being forced to create a Google Account several days ago in order to keep using my pre-existing YouTube account. It seems to me that many people have been tricked into creating a Google Account this way, as I have noticed quite a few comments in which people say that they 'just verified their YouTube account with their [Yahoo/Hotmail/etc] address'. Those people should be aware that they now have their very own Google Account registered under their email address.

It is obvious that Google makes these things confusing purposely, so as to hoodwink as many casual internet users as possible. When I created my Google Account, I didn't notice Google's privacy policy or terms of service anywhere. They were cleverly hidden so I wouldn't realise I was creating a new account.

It is just this sort of deception and illegal and/or immoral activity that must be stopped. They have not only ruined the very best video website on the internet, but they are also destroying personal privacy piece by piece with every "innovation" they try to force on us.

I don't want Big Brother watching me.
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