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New York Senator Wants To Kill Free Speech On Internet 
24th-Oct-2012 06:10 pm
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Not directly Google-related, though I'm sure the company would approve of this legislation, as it would make targeted advertising much easier.

New York Senator Thomas F. O'Mara Wants To Kill Free Speech On Internet


All users posting to websites would have to post their real name and address, non-compliant posts would be axed

When people think anonymity, Anonymous and their iconic Guy Fawkes masks often pop into mind these days. But long before the members of that controversial hacker collective were a mere twinkle in their mothers' eyes, another anti-authoritarian rabble-rouser was using anonymous protest to stir up revolt against a totalitarian ruling elite. His name was Thomas Paine, and his anonymously published work Common Sense helped ignite the colonists in revolution against Britain.

I. Want to Post? Put Your Legal Name and Address Here!

Yet today in the country that Thomas Paine's anonymous writings helped to give birth to, a country in which speech is supposedly free, something alarming is happening. Several states are looking to outlaw online anonymity.

New York is among them. The State Senate is contemplating Bill S6779 a measure that would force users to post (and verify) their home address, IP address, and legal name in any post they make online.

Read more at link above.

If you're able to vote Senator O'Mara out of office anytime soon, please do so! We don't need senators in congress who are wholly ignorant of the First Amendment.

Contact him here:

District Office

Satellite Office

Albany Office

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